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Milo of Kroton (Single)


I am only human, and when I see the term ‘artrock’ daubed all over a band’s press sheet I am naturally sceptical.

So as I put Cutaways lead single, Milo of Kroton, on, I am not expecting much.

So far, so what is expected. There’s enough synth in there to justify them being called a synth-led band, there’s some angular guitar, and a constant hi-hat led drum beat.

It’s good.

But then Grace McMacken sings, and suddenly this song becomes so much more.

Her voice is enough to differentiate this single from the countless other indie-bands doing similar things right now. When she sings: “You get a little/you should want a little more”, there is something truly haunting about her voice. Something that I definitely did not expect in an up-tempo indie song.

This single, taken from their upcoming album Earth and Earthly Things showcases that Cutaways have genuine appeal, as well as that little bit of something special that could give them the push to success this song deserves.

Listen: www.myspace.com/cutaways