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Germans In Space (Single)

Dan Edelstyn and The Orchestra of Cardboard

“Germans in space, make me feel so tender” If you can get over this lyric, then you should listen to Dan Edelstyn.

To me, it sounds like an in-joke that doesn’t quite work. Part Beta Band, part Beck - this is a ramshackle, bedroom-produced, lo-fi, quirky pop, folk, Ian Brody reject of a song. Whilst also being very similar to the worst thing Adam & Joe never made. Because it was a rubbish idea when it was an in-joke, and it still is now.

“Psycho Town” is much better, with a psychobilly creep and some cool sax. I start to warm to Mr Edelstyn, but then the CD starts over again and it’s all forgotten. “Germans in Space” comes on again. I feel nothing for Edelstyn. I used to, but not now.

Listen: www.myspace.com/danedelstyn