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Sissy Hits


This EP is named after a line from the song 1993: ‘we turn your hissy fits into sissy hits’ and basically, that is Dananan’s mission.

Their sound is a little bit complex, the band themselves call it ‘fight pop’ if you felt like being more descriptive than the band, you’d say they were twee hardcore. Imagine Los Campesinos! covering Black Flag and you’re most of the way there. Live, they sound and act more like a hardcore band than they do recorded.

On Sissy Hits, the breakdowns and hoarse screamed vocals take a backseat and although the songs remain the same structurally, there’s greater emphasis on the handclaps and sung vocals. That’s not to say that they’re the type of band who can’t recapture their live sound in the studio, they just play differently.

The last two tracks of this EP are actually the Pink Sabbath single, added at a later date. They’re faster and slightly heavier songs than the others on the EP, but even their beefed up production doesn’t change the fact that Dananan concentrate on the ‘pop’ in the studio and leave the ‘fight’ until they’re on stage.

Listen: www.myspace.com/dananananaykroyd