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Love & War

Daniel Merriweather

Daniel Merriweather on top of being one of the best male singers around today also has the ability to write songs with compelling stories that you want to hear more about.

Backed by some amazing music and a production quality to die for, Love & War has definitely been released at the right time to be the soundtrack to everyone’s summer.

From the melancholy of For Your Money to the melodrama of Cigarettes, that album has a lot packed into it. It also features the additional talents of Adele on Water & A Flame, Sean Lennon’s guitar playing on the single Red, Wale on the single Changes and of course Mark Ronson’s vision. Stand out track for me though out of all 12 tracks has to be the cutting Chainsaw, proving Daniel has a humorous side too. Finally another song worth a mention is Could You, which is basically the Mamas & the Papas song California Dreaming with different words. This might not sound that great, but it really updates the song or reboots it, if you want a modern buzz word.

Listen: www.myspace.com/danielmerriweather