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Red (Single)

Daniel Merriweather

This is a song with a lovely tune and it doesn’t sound like a track produced by Mark Ronson, which while not being a bad thing it helps not to always sound the same.

Anyway, the chorus states that ‘You took something perfect and painted it red’, what this means I’m not entirely sure, is Daniel Merriweather tying to decry the onslaught of communism on Tsarist Russia, I doubt it but wouldn’t it be interesting if he was. Nah, it’s blatantly about the end of a relationship and I also doubt what the Press Release states that its deeper meaning is about the looming political change, how? Surely the looming political change is about to be blue? Anyway Sean Lennon plays guitar on this track, which is great kudos for Daniel.

Listen: www.myspace.com/danielmerriweather