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This Building Is Under Electronic Surveillance At All Times

Daniel Vincent

An intriguing hour’s worth of ambient sketches, recorded in a Norfolk week by a chap better known for his collaborative work than solo outings (this being his first such foray for half a decade).

It’s the acoustic atmosphere of the city captured in the country - sounds the urban landscape always contains but which are usually drowned out by traffic, shouts or vomiting. Meanwhile is the magnum opus - a track well worth shelling out the special edition price for. It’s as minimal as to be practically non-existent in parts - you will wonder if you’re not just listening to nascent tinnitus or the sixty-cycle hum of your home’s electricity supply. Insomnia is powerless against it. Other tracks sway from mildly industrial burbling (Nitetime Magicks) through lo-fi Jean-Michel Jarre (Returning to the City) to offcuts of Talvin Singh (the untitled final track). What could Mr. Vincent do given more than a week, one wonders?

Listen: www.myspace.com/danielvincentmusic