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Draw The Line

David Gray

Despite his way with a bouncy tune and annoying neck, David Gray likes his dark subject matter.

Songs here talk of ‘the howling ghost within’ (Draw The Line), ‘the murky deep’ (Jackdaw) and ‘anguished cries and old footfalls’ (First Chance). Not to mention some of the song titles. In fact it is all this, coupled with his voice, which makes one realise that Gray may actually become Van Morrison before too long.

This is in contrast to the guest appearance of one Annie Lennox, on (ironically) Full Steam. I’m afraid she just sounds like Cher on steroids. That aside, Draw The Line is an accomplished work that will satisfy Gray’s MOR legions and may even win him a new fan or two from those who can look past his washed-out image.

Listen: www.myspace.com/davidgray