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Wrecking Ball

Dead Confederate

Dead Confederate.

Here’s a band with an interesting back-story. They self-released an EP called “The News Underneath” a few years back, black print on red construction paper. I got one in the mail and it was amazing. The five angsty, grunge-tinged, alt-country tracks full of Southern Gothic charm left me wanting more more more! Their debut LP, “Wrecking Ball”, makes good on the more, but sorta leaves me wanting the urgency of “The News Underneath” EP back.

But first, the history. A couple years ago, Dead Confederate were discovered by Gary Gersh, who signed Nirvana to Geffen in the ‘90s, which is fitting since DC singer-guitarist, Hardy Morris, bears a striking resemblance, sonically and visually to the late KC. Since then, DC has blown up, and for good reason - the band is an amazing live act and plain fucking rocks (see Conan O’Brien appearance on Youtube). Personally, tons of distortion, reverb, smoke and blinding white lights are the keystones of a great rock show.

DC is now with a media group called, Razor & Tie, which you might recognize if you own any of the Kidz Bop albums (smirk). “Wrecking Ball” will, on many occasions, have the kids bopping though. Imagine a convergence of Band of Horses and “Bleach”-era Nirvana. Tracks that deliver on this premise include “The Rat,” “Goner” and “The News Underneath,” which are all featured on the aforementioned “News” EP.

Blistering guitar, rasping vocals and a rock steady rhythm section make the songs on this album extremely listenable. Unfortunately, the 10 tracks run almost an hour and the initial burst of excitement can morph into a humdrum recursiveness. But you’re all going to pirate the singles anyway...

Listen: www.myspace.com/deadconfederate