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Dead Flesh Fashion

Now here we have a nicely packaged album; classy cardboard casing with printed black and green design, nice booklet and CD art, always a bonus, and then the PR sheet makes the reference to Coalesce, Botch, Cursed and The Chariot.

The latter influence is most prominent; in fact there are times when you could be mistaken that you are hearing some long lost studio out takes by said band because of Dead Flesh Fashion’s obvious love for the ex-Norma Jean stompers. Even the live recording technique employed is very close to The Chariot’s awesome debut album.

But they have chosen one of the better bands to ape. The songs twist and contort around the jerking rhythms which accompany the stop start dissonance of the guitars. Smashing into new sections and ideas with gleeful abandon, DFF show an accomplished level of skill and expertise in their chosen field.

Despite this it sometimes drops into metalcore standard, but it’s the later part of this album that surprises, bringing forth a slower, more melodic element woven within the chug, chug, squeal, squeal framework they operate in.

Not the most original thing going, but a genuine and honest album that holds promise for further improvement.

Listen: www.myspace.com/deadfleshfashion