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All You Ever Want (feat. Billy Newton-Davis) (Single)


And so to a reviewing job that is the musical equivalent of choosing between shades of off-white in a DIY shop - a multi-mix dance release.

Eight mixes of a track from one of Canada’s top purveyors of sick parteh choonage, who from the cover appears to be Thierry Henri with a funny hat and a fag - a reference I am fully aware will have a slightly different meaning to any readers from the other side of ‘the pond’, but so be it. I’m English, I write in English and I make no apologies for countries that cannot grow a pair and call their respective mutations ‘Americanglish’ or ‘Canadanglish’. Lemme see your hands for slightly racist digressions! Yeahhhh! Woooh!! Alright!!

Bloody hell. You’ve got standard club fare, you’ve got a couple of versions which wouldn’t seem out of place on the playlist of a club called something like ‘Cock Ring’, you’ve got one with a Gnarls Barkley-ish vocal. The mix from Amsterdam’s Mr. Schiks is the most interesting, for what may be obvious reasons. Nothing new here, particularly, but if you have a large tent you wish to soundtrack or swingers’ barbecue to jizz up, you might as well stick this on as anything else.

Listen: www.myspace.com/deadmau5