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Better Ways To Die

Death Before Dishonor

The words hardcore and Boston often go hand in hand in the musical world.

One band that showcases this better than anyone is Death Before Dishonor. The South Boston scene veterans have made a career of notching countless hours on the road and help define modern American hardcore to what it is today. Touring with the likes of Hatebreed and Sick Of It All has established Death Before Dishonor as a respected act amongst their peers.

Three albums in and they are able to keep the precision of their sound without letting up on brutality as displayed with standout tracks Coffin Nail and Black Cloud and at the same time staying true to their roots. There is a punk rock, grass-roots sensibility throughout the record that is kept by the production of Jim Seigel responsible in producing of established Boston acts such Blood For Blood and The Dropkick Murphy’s.

Better Ways To Die has the classic elements of a straight-up hardcore record: gang vocals, breakdowns and songs that hit and hard and fast. So fast it is a tad overwhelming but expected from a band of such a high hardcore calibre. The delivery is relentless to say the least and from start to finish, the pace is break neck. There are traditional elements that nod towards their Boston Beatdown Brethren whilst being able to push the format of a hardcore album It is safe to that you don’t get short changed with this album, Death Before Dishonor once again deliver an honest record that lays it on thick and fast.

Listen: www.myspace.com/deathbeforedishonorbhc