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Die Tonight (Single)

Defend Moscow

My biggest gripe with new bands is when they don’t take that extra care in their presentation, When I first received the Defend Moscow CD I instantly dismissed it, a poorly put together package and awful (at least from my point of view) artwork.

Fortunately I made it through this barrier to entry (and it was a barrier) and discovered that the track; is rather good.

There is absolutely nothing overt here, it’s the basic and original layout in its purest form, but if it ain’t broke... The pre chorus delivers a perfect build with perhaps the strongest part of the melody in the song and hits the chorus in exactly the right place, if it seems familiar to you it’s because it is! but it’s a formula used by some of the greatest song in history so you can hardly blame them.

Imagine your standard indie club and this would instantly be at home on the dance floor, the beat, the structure and timing are all laid out for the night clubs and the radio alike, so much so in fact, perhaps it wasn’t all a natural construction as I may hope.

A solid pop song that has great potential let down by the outer package although fortunately, the mass public are less likely to be as picky about presentation as me and it has it where it counts.

Listen: www.myspace.com/defendmoscow