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Counterpoint (Single)


This is dance music, for want of a better word as unfortunately dance conjures up images of the dullest and generic bikini dripped writhing videos.

Which I have to say I am partial to…. When muted as typically the music has about as many brains as the experts behind the videos give the audience credit for. Delphic however is possibly the happiest sounding ‘dance’ I’ve had the pleasure of hearing in a long while. Vaguely reminiscent of The Chemical Brothers’ Saturate, these Bloc Party style beats are accompanied by some voluptuous oscillations. To be honest New Order, Bloc Party and Underworld having a going away party would certainly not sound dissimilar, although it is inevitable that Krafty would appear on the playlist.

The thing is this song wouldn’t just prove to be the soundtrack for a leaving do but also for the trip as well. This sounds like a rickety ram-shackle train racing through South East Asia whilst the sun glints through dirty glass and you have to squint to still catch a glimpse of the paradise rushing up, past and through you. It’s a song that marinades in golden rays, of sea water kaleidoscoping and of sitting peacefully atop the perfect hill watching the world wake up whilst you haven’t had a thought of bed for days.

But this song is still more than that. It is the return home; it is fearing both the unknown and the familiar. It is about wishing you were everywhere and knowing how to be happy anywhere.

Listen: www.myspace.com/delphic