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Die! Chihuahua Die!

Nice lack of contact details here but I found them myself, so no tears.

Firstly the name does not suit this band in the slightest. I actually held off listening to this one for a while as my aged opinion of young people making music seemed to be summed up completely by the name.

Now the PR blurb makes comparisons to The Bronx, ETID, Gallows, Fucked Up and most of the current crop of big name making punk doing the rounds. Which in all fairness is pretty true. They are most certainly a product of these influences and it shows quite a bit in the song structures and guitar style. But…and there is a but. It’s played incredibly well and tight enough to make it seem like they really are pissed off at something. Which is the main thing about punk music.

Good effort, maybe there is something worth looking out for.

Listen: www.myspace.com/diechihuahuadie