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The Redundant Pioneer EP

Distant Guns

Distant Guns follow up their second EP The Peaceful Technophobe with more strange tales and quiet rage.

We Set Sail. . . locks into a wiry, bass-driven Fall groove, complete with what sounds like Mark Radcliffe doing a guest spot on megaphone. Fantastic rant sampled at the end, too. Shakerley could strike you as the weakest on offer but don’t be deceived - it has an eye on the horizon, despite its Floyd-isms and it’s always good to hear someone mentioning places in song that aren’t American city clichés.

First Night. . . hits us with a darker Killing Joke / Joy Division punch, before another gentle Waters-style tickle halfway through. Hardest Man . . . is an odd combination of meat and veg; booming drums, ringing guitars and an almost louche vocal. It’s always a pleasure to go for a bit of musical orienteering with Distant Guns - some places you may have seen before but they manage to point out plenty you missed on previous visits, together with some new sights for sore ears.

Listen: www.myspace.com/distantguns