Die Shellsuit, Die!

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Stonehouse Dreams

Dr. Ake

This band like the sea.

A bit too much, it would seem, what with the Elizabethan pun of a name, the fish on the album cover and lyrics from Treasure Island as re-imagined by James Joyce. Musically, we have half-a-dozen drunken, no-wave shanties like The Fall playing in an abandoned seaside bingo hall. Plank to Plank and Plastic rattle along gamely. North Face is Captain Beefheart by way of Squeeze, as strange, flat and toneless as its vocals. Ah yes - the voice. It attempts to reach Scott Walker but only reaches Roger Waters after a night on the rum. Night Walkers and Centre Point are the lighthouses in the fog, although the feeling is still one of being cast adrift in the Solent while seagulls commit suicide.

Listen: www.myspace.com/docake