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The Illegal Operator

Dr Crobe

Bradford is more famed for riots and not much more over the past few years.

Dr Crobe is set to change this and put the Yorkshire town on the map as a breeding ground for underground emcees and graffiti artists. Crobe has a fresh take on UK HipHop and is responsible for the Breadbinz hip hop events which have brought together a fractured community and given them a taste of what is possible if you put your mind to it.

The Illegal Operator is a 15 track tour de force and for once, it’s actually quite surprisingly refreshing. Crobe has an original take on tried and tested formulas and tweaks them to suit his own unique delivery style. Spitting with an unmistakeable northern twang, Dr Crobe takes you on a lyrical journey through the seedier side of Bradford, painting trains, spitting bars at open microphone nights and general life oop north.

Production on The Illegal Operator comes courtesy of The Electric Pimpernels and is reminiscent of Nuke Proof Suit era Jehst and Birofunk era Braintax. It would be pointless to try and single out a few tracks to try and showcase what Crobe is about as every track on this CD is a banger in its own way.

“I’ve got words I’m holding back to use unfolding tracks for future phonographs”

Listen: www.myspace.com/doctorcrobe