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The Slagg Factory

Dr Slaggleberry

Eighteen months on from their debut self-titled EP and I’m still giggling like a schoolgirl at Dr.

Slaggleberry’s unique moniker. With the release of new mini album ’The Slagg Factory’, the masked crusaders of math rock have ditched the gimmicky vocals and concentrated on the music, with five slabs of instrumental mayhem that are guaranteed to make you look like a twat on the dance floor.

The time signatures are brilliantly scrambled, the riffs turn into jazzy interludes without warning, and on top of all this is a sprinkling of progressive rock that projects the band from ’good’ to ’impressive’.

The highlight for me is ’Feed Me A Stray Cat’; seven minutes of Primus-gone-heavy quirkiness that doesn’t feel like seven minutes at all. The drumming is tight, although to be fair if it wasn’t they’d be in trouble. The splattering of cymbal fills throughout the five tracks also adds a lot to the listening experience. The great thing about Dr. Slaggleberry is that just when you think you know what to expect next, something completely different appears before you. ’8 4 5’ is a great little wandering prog rock ditty, which suddenly turns into a down-tuned Meshuggah riff-fest.

Math rock is something of an acquired taste and I have to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy it, but when I am it’s a rewarding experience. A definite step up from their debut EP, ’The Slagg Factory’ is the perfect solution for anyone looking for something a bit more adventurous, while still craving some all-out heaviness. They’re certainly talented, they’re probably nuts, and they definitely rock.

Listen: www.myspace.com/drslaggleberry