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Drumattic Twins

Make no mistake before reading this review; I am a massive fan of the Drumattic Twins.

It was easy for me to say yes to review their new album as I loved their first longplayer and everything the Twins have touched, either as their previous guise ‘Shades of Rhythm’ or now as the Drumattic Twins, has been top notch and is always going to get me dancing.

There are so many good things I am going to say about this new album, Nick and Lanx are going to start blushing.

Right from the start, when the strings take you into previous single ‘Don’t Be So Drumattic’, you know you’re embarking on a journey of breaks, electro, big bass and beautiful vocals. I know how big this tune is, when I’ve seen the reaction to it, when I’ve dropped it when DJing.

‘Hyperspeed’ has a very well known vocal sample blasting through the track; the sample has been used so many times on so many tunes, but still sounds fresh and new on this song.

What I love about Breaks, is that you can use so many samples and cuts from other songs, to make new tunes and it all sounds so new. The Drumattics sound like they have done it again with ‘Broken Planet’ using Leftfields ‘Phat Planet’ vocal and combining it with some Eastern bass. Outstanding.

Tune after tune, the Twins carry me along keeping me wanting more and more. I had actually heard a lot of the first half of the album before, and then I came to track 7 ‘Deep Throat’. Intriguing title, but what a tune! The vocal is small but when it’s played alongside the disco feel to the track, I wanted more and more, wanting it go deeper! (Excuse the pun!)

‘Under The Lights’ has such Freeland Hate dirtiness to it. It’s just wrong, but yet so right! I can see this tune working so well at the start of a DJ set.

‘Pick Me Up Baby’ has a real sunrise moment and I can see myself exhausted at 6am but not being able to stop dancing when this tune comes over the speakers on some lovely hot island somewhere in the Med. I so wish.

A proper old skool house piano starts ‘Soul Flower off to a brilliant start. This is the tune that could follow ‘Pick Me Up Baby’ at the above sunrise, I’d be happy!

Now I love a good siren in a song, and ‘Fly Young Canaboids’ has one especially for me, halfway through the song, it rears it’s head with some wild synths to total a right dancefloor smash, well in my world it would be.

The last track ‘Antique Vinyl’ was a surprise for me, a good surprise but still a surprise. The bpm is slower and with the strings halfway through the song, it turns into a beautiful vocal provided by a lady called Claire Gillgrass (I want to hear more from her, what a voice!). I played this track to my wife, and she wondered why I was playing it to her until the vocals then came in. When the previous beats come back, it all makes sense and is the right song to finish off an amazing album.

Even though I have stated that I love the Drumattic Twins, I really can’t think of anything wrong with this album. There are no fillers on this CD. If you love your breaks, house, and electro or want to try something different with so many flavours and influences on the record, then this is for you.

Without a doubt, one of the albums of 2009 for me so far, and I will be playing it all over the summer, which is the season its most ideally suited for.

Listen: www.myspace.com/drumattictwins