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I’m In Love feat. Lindy Layton & Rodney P (Single)

Dub Pistols

The Dub Pistols new single “I’m In Love” is the hit for the summer we never saw.

Featuring Lindy Layton (of Beats “Jam Nitty Gritty” International fame) and Rodney P; who is on form as usual. Bouncing along with a beat that is incredibly similar to Rodney P’s own “The Nice Up” but the new summery female vocals will remain firmly in your head for a long time, rendering you deaf to the fact that it sounds just like Mr P remix. Nonetheless it is my current favourite song to sing in the shower - which is like an Old Grey Whistle Test for me (the story behind the name of the show being that if the aged cleaner at BBC Radio Castle whistled a song whilst working that was on the playlist, it was due to be a chart success).

If there is any justice in the world, this song will become a huge hit and the Dub Pistols will be responsible for keeping summer going. And to top it off, my housemates won’t be able to escape the song I wake them up singing an out of tune “I’m In Love...I’m In Love” from beneath the shower at 6am every day.

That’s if Rodney P doesn’t sue himself for being involved in ripping himself off first and it never gets released. Just saying, y’know...

Listen : www.myspace.com/thedubpistols