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Rum & Coke

Dub Pistols

Musically, this album is a pretty-much flawless collection of dub, ska, hip-hop and everything in between and if you like your vocal tough and uncompromising, then you’ll be all over it like a swine flu sneeze.

Lindy Layton warbles angelically but of the extra-special guests full marks should be given to Red Star Lion and Mr. Gregory Isaacs. Both provide excellent alternatives to Rodney P’s customary vocal punches - Six Months, with its tale of a macho hard-man getting round to admitting that he genuinely loves a girl for the right reasons, is a particular scarred gem.

The rap-jabs do get in the way of enjoying the laid-back tunes somewhat, though, so Song For Summer makes a most welcome ending - a mellow, sunny party in six minutes.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thedubpistols