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Dusty Rhodes and the River Band

I think Dusty Rhodes and his groovy roots-de-toots could be suffering from a touch of mild musical schizophrenia.

Their ‘young Steven Tyler’ songs don’t do much for me, unfortunately (All One excepted, just), as they sound more like a band overdosing on the Kings of Leon. The voice of the more folky offerings (W.W.M.D.?, for example) doesn’t really cut the bustard, either. So Low allows the band’s sole female a voice and things become a touch more interesting for a few minutes, as they stop trying to Americana-stomp everything in sight and instead try to ape the Cardigans. The rather ramshackle journey ends with a mental acoustic demo sung in Spanish. At least, I think it was Spanish - apologies for my ignorance but I’d lost it with this album by then.

Genuinely talented and obviously cool. Ah well.

Listen: www.myspace.com/dustyrhodes