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Ed Harcourt

OK, best start with the warnings for this one; So I’ve Been Told sounds like Coldplay.

Coldplay with an accordion. Attempted rock-outs like A Secret Society collapse like a child’s first Lego house. Generally, Harcourt comes across like David Gray’s ‘sensitive’ younger brother. Except on When The Lost Don’t Want To Be Found, which may have been recorded after a heavy night on the sauce - although whether that was mint or tartar isn’t known.

Everything is well-written, well-produced, well-sung and well-played. There’s some lovely piano-bashing here (Lachrymosity, for instance) and Killed By The Morning Sun almost lives up to the cover art. If only the voice wasn’t so annoyingly, winsomely fragile. But that may be his charm, to his admirers. I can certainly see Janice Long and her zombie hordes oozing all over this.

Listen: www.myspace.com/edharcourt