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My Timing Is Off / Fresh Blood (Single)


It’s been four years since we last heard of E and his unique brand of horizontal indie rock.

Up he comes in 2009 with two cuts from a forthcoming album, Hombre Lobo; My Timing Is Off and Fresh Blood. The former is typical Eels fare, with the roughening voice making things sound even more like homeless Beach Boys. There’s a standard ‘love and be loved’ pop philosophy that no-one can really argue with and the whole thing trundles pleasantly off into the distance, probably to a beach somewhere.

Fresh Blood is altogether darker fare, with E assuming his Dog-Faced Boy character from the Souljacker album, in an I-was-a-teenage-werewolf-honest tale of love and pain. It’s deathbed Brian Wilson covering Tom Waits on mescaline. Bad hippy. Down, boy.

Listen: www.eelstheband.com