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The Lamps of Terrahead

El Dog

We all know how the music ‘business’ likes things - ready-made and profitable.

No-brainers definitely preferred, doing first what everyone else is doing and selling it for the GDP of a medium-to-large North American state. How bands like Glasgow’s El Dog manage is anyone’s guess, what with their choice of the pretty well-worn path of ‘post rock’ and all. But manage they do and for a debut, The Lamps of Terrahead is pretty damn startling. Alright, it’s not a colossal, platinum erection from beginning to end but if you want one of those, you should be greasing yourself over the Pussycat Dolls or something. The rest of us, who can remember when the phrase ‘a grower’ wasn’t snorted at by the massed ranks of bean-counters and too-cool-to-drool journos, will simply get hold of the album and keep listening.

They’re Biffy Clyro but not as dull. They’re Mogwai but with more changes. They’re Muse without the wank. Here’s hoping they survive long enough to build on these girders.

Listen: www.myspace.com/eldogmusic