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Sugoi Indeed

Electric Eel Shock

Tongue-in-cheek rock bands are dropping out of music’s arse all over the place lately.

Most are unutterably stodgy rubbish; content to rehash old Spinal Tap gags ad infinitum. A few are pure, unalloyed joy, however - enter Japan’s premier bonkazoids; Electric Eel Shock. Their patented brand of happy stoner metal continues to raise smiles and fists the world over and is in excellent fettle on this album.

Maybe it’s because English isn’t their first language that some of their stereotype rock-isms are tempered into gentle humour. For example, when Aki sings ‘Goodbye Peach’, I thought he was singing ‘goodbye, bitch’ as it ends up sounding like ‘goodbye, beach.’ I know what I mean. Just buy it and find out. And then go and see them live, where they’re really at home. I don’t know if drummer Gian still does gigs dressed in one sock, though.

Listen: www.myspace.com/beatme