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Common Dreads

Enter Shikari

This 4 piece from St.

Albans have made more than a name for themselves over the past few years; having played to fanatical crowds all over the world it’s hard to believe they’re the same band I drunkenly heckled at the now defunct Attik venue (capacity 50) in Leicester not 4 years ago…

Since then ‘ES’ have won countless awards and released their debut ‘Take To The Skies’ which went on to be the fastest selling record for an unsigned band in history. In history. For the record I hated ‘Take To The Skies’; the record was a mismash of scenster anthems which spliced between huge amounts of ‘quick we need to get this out before the bubble bursts’ filler. Common Dreads however, is much better.

I am by no means a fan of the band, but the record has a cohesion which allows it to flow effortlessly. It is a much more mature record and, despite being a bit naïve with its vaguely political ‘Britain is fucked’ themes, one can empathise with much of the sentiment.

Musically it’s a similar affair to what we know - combing reasonably competent hardcore with techno; however various other styles are present which can be both entertaining and nauseating; as demonstrated in current single ‘Juggernauts’. Switch…

On the whole this record has surprised me, I was quite ready to slaughter it but the band has created an energetic, creative and interesting record. The band will always lose something on record compared to live and it will be interesting to see how these new tracks go down on the live circuit. The first tier of fans will probably have grown out of this by now but I foresee that the next generation of kids, are going, to love it…

Listen: www.myspace.com/entershikari