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The Flapper and Firkin, Birmingham - March 2010


I saw post electro rockers, Errors, in Birmingham just before they embarked on their recent European tour.

Here’s what I thought…

Following some last minute line up reshuffling, The Shogun’s Decapitator kicked off the evening’s proceedings with a truly mesmerising live performance. Emerging through intricate layers of progressive loops and instrumental math-rock brilliance comes solid, driving, dance-laden, rhythms to give this 4-piece a sound not dissimilar to the likes of Battles, Electric Electric and indeed headlining act, Errors. However, far from being constrained by their dancey math-rock moniker, The Shogun’s Decapitator show a real versatility, depth of sound and guitar music purism (not a laptop or keyboard in sight) which many of their contemporaries do not achieve. In no time this unpretentious, beautifully crafted and superbly executed instrumental set gained a warm reception from the crowd… Even if they did seem unsure whether to dance or stroke their beards!

Unfortunately, a later than expected start and some technical problems saw support from Windscale cut short. A thin slice of promising, progressive, psychedelic, synth-laden, post rock certainly left the crowd wanting more. With the front man playing a collection of unusual instruments, including brightly coloured plastic keyboards and children’s toys, taped to a trestle table, there was something of Birmingham’s own Modified Toy Orchestra in there. Well… Modified Toy Orchestra on acid to be more precise and use a favourite among journalistic clichés!

It’s been nearly two years since Birmingham first saw Errors play at Capsule’s Supersonic festival. The blistering energy of those earlier live performances blew many away. However, this time, watching the band play material from their second full length release “Come Down With Me” on Rock Action Records, it was clear just how much the band had developed since 2008. In their new material and their performance of it, there is, of course, still some of the catchy, party-time hits feel of Radio 1 favourites such as “Salut France” and “Toes”. However, the band seem to offer so much more now, taking opportunities to explore genre and textures of sound in a way which those epileptic dancing youths of 2 years ago would not have understood. Highlights included the motoric Krautrock drive of single, “A Rumour in Africa” and the blissful, dream pop soundscapes of “Bridge or Cloud?” Catch Errors performing this Summer at one of the scores of festivals they seem to be playing.

Listen: www.myspace.com/weareerrors, www.myspace.com/00windscale00 & www.myspace.com/theshogunsdecapitator