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Once Around The Sun

Eskimo Project

To describe how this band sound I would ask you to imagine a sliding scale with The Bluetones at one end and The Feeling at the other, then you can put Eskimo Project right in the middle of that scale.

Add a dollop of Beatles essence and you can pretty much get an idea of what to expect on Once Around The Sun - total singalongability from start to finish.

From the start with Fly in the Ointment you get songs that you can easily remember, sing and dance along to. The stand out track of the album for me is single Hydrogen Bomb, which is power pop at its best. Apparently this album was made on the shoe-iest of strings which is quite simply amazing as the quality of the production is awesome. The only real let down is that at first listen many of the songs sound very similar, in fact I didn’t realise that the last two tracks Stay and Rumbled were separate songs for a few listens.

Overall thought this album is very promising and I look forward to hearing more from Eskimo Project in the future.

Listen: www.eskimoproject.com