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Devil’s Breath


It’s not often that I would use this sentence, but Italy has just produced the new Rush.

Essenza are a prog-metal three piece and have released an album that could have been an undiscovered gem from 1976 that could have easily only had 200 copies printed. Twenty three years later the band are buying the remaining few off ebay to increase the value and maintain the mystique of the band.

On initial listens I could only hear Carlo Rizzello’s Italio-Anglo singing (think Accept and Scorpions with some Electric Eel Shock), but after a closer inspection songs like the title track “Devils Breath” and closer ”Flying Acrobats” really shine through musically.

Essenza are in the wrong decade, twenty years earlier these guys would be a secret spoken about in hushed tones between Malcolm Dome and Lemmy. Whilst they do hark back to a golden age of early Judas Priest, Deep Purple the aforementioned Rush, these guys shouldn’t be written off as retro copyists, but unashamedly brilliant.

“Playing not for money, playing not for fame
Rock ‘n Roll blood is running in his VEEEIIINNNNSSS!”


Listen: www.myspace.com/essenzait