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You Forget So Easily


If you simply must jingle and you must jangle, swinging your pants in the time-honoured way, then Exlovers is the band you crave.

A definite improvement on their last recorded effort (Photobooth), this EP sees them boldly continuing through the meadow caressed by the likes of Cinerama, Bell & Sebastian and the Delays. There’s a Wedding Present-lite flat rockout (Incomplete) and Joe Cornish (the latter half of BBC 6Music’s Adam & Joe) makes a welcome vocal reappearance on The Moon Has Spoken. At least, I think it’s him. It’s all unashamedly ‘indie’ in the original sense of the word, so don’t go moaning about them being nothing new. That’d be like complaining about the sun being hot, Zane Lowe being a grinning buffoon, or music journalists being pointless egomaniacs.

Listen: www.myspace.com/weareexlovers