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Bring Out Your Dead

Fell on Black Days

Fell on Black Days debut offering Bring Out Your Dead hits you immediately with the riff heavy Tooth and Nail.

They then continue to pound you senseless through all five tracks. On their biog it states that FoBD are for fans of Mastodon, Pantera and Faith No More and I have to admit this is what first made me want to listen to them.

Now you can definitely hear the Pantera and Mastodon influences, though I’m not too sure about the FNM one at all. For the most part the vocals are growly, with the exception of some of the chorus’ where they are clean, so singlalongability is minimal.

It is also interesting to note with this EP that tracks 1-3 have a very different sound quality to tracks 4&5. Not to say that they are worse or better, just different. Though there does appear to be better structure and maturity with the latter tracks, which shows how much FoBD have progressed whilst making this EP.