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Well first off I have to say that Fiori’s new release Fiction jumps out from your speakers and smacks you in the face.

But only figuratively speaking, this isn’t audio-sadism. To describe their sound try to think of Trent Reznor producing Marilyn Manson with a touch of the Wildhearts pop punk and a great heap of contemporary rock vocals.

The music is a bit on the generic side, with most songs not really setting themselves apart from each other. This is with the exception of 21st Century Blues and Stranger which has to be the stand out track of Fiction, but there’s still no getting away from the fact that you Stranger’s guitar riff is very close to that of Cochise by Audioslave. That said Fiori’s recent addition of synths to their sound has really helped to take them to the next level musically and with that really lifts the end of Stranger to the point you can forget how it might have a similar riff to some band called Audioslave.

One of the best things about Fiction is that fact the production quality is awesome and Fiori are as tight as hell. The lyrical content isn’t going to win them literary awards but who cares about that when they have more singalongability than you can shake a rock n’ roll stick at!

Listen: www.myspace.com/fiorirock