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The Count / Maslow (Single)


Here is a triumph of optimism over, well, pretty much everything else.

Despite hailing from Milton Keynes and Bedford, Firetype bounce around inside these two tracks like Placebo on nitrous oxide. There’s a certain dark funkiness - especially in The Count - but things are still a bit rigid and new, like a great pair of boots which need a bit of wearing in before they feel like part of your body. They also sound like they want to be heavier - the aforementioned Count possessing all-to-brief snatches of riffery which pique the ears and nod the head. Maslow continues the Placebo-isms but this band’s hierarchy of needs should include some loosening-up, despite the happy chorus. Money may be too tight for their record company to mention (‘Making decent music comes first, making money comes second’, say they. Enjoy having the choice, say I.) but that doesn’t mean everything has to be so clenched.

Listen: www.firetype.co.uk