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For Today

The big boys are back in town again!

Courtesy of Facedown Records and a whole heap of metallic, heavyweight riffs. For Today recorded this with some dude who has produced Between The Buried And Me and The Human Abstract and it defiantly shows; production wise and in the mixture of the two aforementioned bands. Not as technical as the former and not as melodic as the latter, For Today exist somewhere in between. Pandering to the technical side but also it seems they want mosh acceptability. This in turn makes it sound quite a lot like Into The Moat. Tech-mosh or some other wanky term. The playing is flawless and the vocals growl across the dynamic soundscape with menace, but it’s all been heard before.

The saving grace is the careful balance of technique and brute force; it lifts this above the hordes of similar sounding bands. There are better things to come though, BTBAM used to sound like this, and look where they are now. Keep an eye on this one.

Listen: www.myspace.com/fortoday