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Wasting Time (Endless Summer) (Single)

Four Year Strong

Four Year Strong were described to me as “New Found Glory with blast-beats” I thought that sounded like the most terrible thing on earth.

I was so, so, so, so, so wrong. I spent a very long drive listening to their first album over & over (on the way to ATP, so excitable party car). By the end of the journey we were all singing along, even punching the air, so killer was the effect of their songs.

They have, in my mind, something quite magical, in that they are, guilt free pop punk.

This slice of happy cake that is their new single Wasting Time (Endless Summer) is everything the title says it is, rousing harmonies, simple sing along melodies, all played by big hairy tattooed men (as apposed to fey little hair farmers who think The Misfits are a clothing label). There’s a humour & an edge to everything they do that makes you feel not only are you in on the joke, but it’s a damn funny one at that.

I cannot wait to have a bit of my summer to waste, this track will be on repeat & I’ll be Teaming Up! Teaming Up!

Listen: www.myspace.com/fouryearstrong