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Francis Rodino

Despite the Pearl Jam-like riffage in lead single Burn, Francis Rodino is more Daniel O’Donnell than Eddie Vedder.

We all know how lucrative the mawkish acoustic-singer-songwriter market is. Lucrative enough for this album to get recorded on fifty grand’s worth of pre-orders through MySpace and Facebook, anyway. If your idea of high emotion is watching re-runs of Heartbeat, or you find yourself crying during television talent contests then you’ll play this album on a loop until the cockroaches take over.

The rest of us will simply wonder why the world needs an album sounding like the bloke from the Corrs doing a ‘solo project’. Despite the crafted and heartfelt lyrics, it doesn’t do to pay too much attention. ‘The things that they taught you in school never needed no use’ (Science) – missing Grammar was an error, clearly. ‘Drink to the sex that you’ll never forget’ (Drink) – we’re back to Dodgy O’Donnell, again. Overall, this album could be a soundtrack to Facebook – well-meaning and shiny but spend time with it and you may wonder if you’re wasting your life.

Listen: www.myspace.com/francisrodino