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Judging by the difficult nature of tracking down Fugo on the World Wide Web, I would hazard a guess that few know of Fugo.

I certainly haven’t previously been introduced to these Swiss Smashing Pumpkins is for Heroes band whom are rapping gently against my tympanum, rapping with knuckles that is - there doesn’t appear to be any flowing rhymes popping out of an oesophagus here. Or if there are they are concealed behind the linguistic hoppings from French to English and back. Now my French is worse than my German (and trust me that really isn’t saying much at all) so unfortunately my illiteracy in this matter means that lyrically I can only capture half of what I hear, however guitars, bass and drums I am a little more fluent in and well Fugo appear to be fluent in Billy Corgan and brethren’s back catalogue; I’m talking more Bullet with Butterfly Wings than Tonight, Tonight. There is also a smattering of Fugazi and ….And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead, although the smattering isn’t quite enough for my liking.

I’ll hold up my hands and admit that I am certainly partial to a bit of pretension - Tool….Lateralus….. Fibonacci sequence anyone? - personally I like it served on a plate with a side portion of epic soundscapes and preferably a double helping of talent and passion, unfortunately the waitress seems to have forgotten that side order and she’s skimped so much on the double helping it barely looks like any passion made it through. Add to this that whilst I was waiting for the side order to turn up the main course went cold (shame it wasn’t Gazpacho soup really). So I thought I might skip to the dessert, except it was only when I looked at the menu that I realised that instead of words, this pretentious menu has letters for names, which instantly reminded me of Fugo’s album as all the tracks have letters instead of names. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t believe that track titles should be a set length (Red Sparowes) but instead of serving a purpose in this case, it just comes across as a gimmicky way of trying to make themselves interesting.

Basically what I am trying to say is that if Fugo were to tour near moi, I would recommend few go.

Listen: www.myspace.com/fugoothermusic