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Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me

Fukkk Offf

You may dismiss this sort of malarkey as 2 Unlimited taking themselves 2 seriously and you would not be far wrong.

What might work as a single track in a club when one is the worse for Saturday night and its flashing lights becomes disorienting-ly repetitive as a whole album. Drums are ice-picks in the skull, vocals cling to the psyche like toxic fog and synths stink the whole place out with electro-farts. About half-way through (Bloodfuck, to be exact) one’s mind gives in, as on some subconscious level brain waves have become beat-synced to the incessant 4/4 tish-tish thud-thud. Needs to come with; a free dark room, wizzy popper and a life-size cardboard cut-out of a large man sporting a moustache, mirror shades and leather cap. And nothing else.

Listen: www.myspace.com/fukkkofff