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Candy Girl (Single)


Twink, the toy piano band’s (DO NOT google Twink without the toy piano part, seriously, it means something very different with the safe search off) album ‘Ice Cream Truckin’ (Music for a modern ice cream truck) is one of my favourite summer road trip records, along with some Jan & Dean or The Beach Boys’ ’Pet Sounds’ (mainly because almost no one can sing along so it always just ends up as a raucous mess).

So thank goodness for Ganglians, combining both with a cool ease & giving me a more stream-lined play list.

As painfully hip & current as they are this single shows such a sense of humour & fun about itself that you can’t help having a little dance & feeling insanely happy. Like a crazed cartoon theme song, it makes me think of imaginary animals in technicolored fields, dancing around in wildly happy & innocent abandon.

It has an unhinged feeling that just reeks of summer giddiness so much I’m sure this song has been secretly playing in my head every time I’ve become overexcited by nice weather & good times.

If the album has more of the same, I’ll be buying it straight away & leaving it on my turntable long after the sun has taken his hat off.

Listen: www.myspace.com/ganglian