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Unearthly Hours

Ghetto Mullet

‘Unearthly Hours’ is the second EP from the fantastically monikered Ghetto Mullet.

This second release comes hot on the heels of their flagship EP ‘Sunday Morning Hangover’, a calming respite for those suffering from a brutal morning after. The follow up continues the theme of chilled instrumental Hip Hop drenched in android glitches, bleeps, Dubby space echo, flange, wah and a whole arsenal of other effects. However Ghetto Mullet’s sound has now acquired some sharp synth fangs as their sound now exhibits a harder and less soothing edge.

“Tachycardia” sets the tone with the ambience of a Grime set in a run down emergency ward, off beat breaks dripping with reverb and solemn keys ring out over the steady beat. “Depth Charge” is a livelier club influenced piece, albeit the kind of club that’s run out of a run down asbestos shed at the back of some forgotten industrial estate in Slough. The vibe is like taking some scrapings of grime off Dizze Rascal’s bathroom floor and dripping through a PA stack, while the production once again harks back to meticulous detail of classic NWA, rich in effects and post production tweaks.

“Redemption or Consumption” is marked by a low and evil bass line backing aggressive turntable scratching, while blending watery Dub style effects (in the vein of Roots Manuva’s “Witness the Fitness”) with Ghetto Mullet’s recurring obsession for sampling agitated spoken word tracks. “Reboot” is filled with a dark and foreboding energy, a rain storm of liquid mercury on dark city streets filled with static fog.

Once again fans of DJ Shadow and Mr.Scruff will not be disappointed with what Ghetto Mullet have to offer, yet those who are looking for dark beats to really get into will be overjoyed with the sinister undertones that seep out of the recordings. Like the EP preceding it ‘Unearthly Hours’ is aptly named: whereas ‘Sunday Morning Hangover’ was the respite for the morning after, this fresh release is the dark and brooding elixir for some insomnia plagued vigil a few nights later.

Listen: www.myspace.com/ghettomullets