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This Is A Bust (Single)


Ghostcat might be feeling their cream has gone off a bit since the Yeah Yeah Yeahs ‘went disco’ recently.

Trouble is, when you sound like the finest YYYs tribute around, and the best track on your new single sounds like an out-take from the recording of It’s Blitz, that’s kind-of inevitable. Easy comparisons aside, the band are clearly Party with a capital ‘P’, and possess a great view on the murkier side of weekend butt-shaking. It’s right there on the opening track, where Ali Cat (yes, that’s what she’s called) advises young women to confront chaps they fancy with the words ‘this is a bust – put your hands up’. Young men not known for their subtlety in the ways of party lurrve, of course. It’s ‘motherfucking hands’ on the naughty version – this, presumably, for those ladies whose targets seem less than willing to grasp the nork. E.B.O.T.D.F. is the aforementioned Karen O-athon oozing, pulsing and thumping all at once. Just A Little Bit is more of the same, only with more Stones guitar. Should be alright when the Yeahs move onto Jazz, or something.

Listen: www.myspace.com/ghostcatmusic