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Devotion Implosion


As the searing guitars start on blistering album opener Morning Light, LA trio, Gliss wake you to command full attention, which wanes as you are swept up into their sound.

Devotion Implosion: not just the catchy rhyming title of their second album but perhaps also describing the inward destruction that ensues with devoting yourself to another when rosy times begin to fade and this collection of songs may just testify to that. When things are sweet with Gliss, they are very sweet from the racing 29 Acts of Love to the slow and slinking melodies of Sleep. When things are not so sweet, they are err, sweet still for even in Sad Eyes the chants of “ooh ooh’s” bring forth images of pantomime rather than devotional destruction. With elements of shoegaze and moody rock and roll, particularly in The Patrol among others, Gliss hint at times to a mix of sounds from others such as Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine and The Dandy Warhols to an extent, all brewing with brooding layered melodies and wandering vocals that faintly draw you further into Gliss’ world.

Less implosion, more mild explosions and as each track progresses with the album nearing its end you’re still wishing you could feel the force of that beginning song and waiting for more.

Listen: www.myspace.com/gliss