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Simian Supremacy

Goat The Head

Made up of a load of metal bands you may have heard of and dressed like cavemen/barbarians is what Norway’s Goat The Head are all about.

That and playing chuggy chug, deathly metal with gruff vocals. Loads of big guitars and double bass later and I really didn’t have that much of an opinion on it still. While I do like the occasional death metal release this seems to standard, or in the words of Lars Ulrich “stock”. Following a musical path far to many bands are already treading won’t win me over at all, despite the musical talent and the fearsome blastbeats and guitars of opener “Terminal Lesson” the album becomes one big blur of death metal soon after that. What actually saved it for me was the music video to accompany “Darwinian Minions”. Cavemen in a caravan smashing stuff and then blowing up, it’s hilarious and genius at the same time. Which slightly raised their rating. Undeniably talented and accomplished musicians they could really do something else I’d wager.

Listen: www.myspace.com/goatthehead