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My Beautiful Sin


I really do try.

It’s not easy sometimes but you put a brave face on it. When confronted by waves of terrible bands, and the worst thing is they’re never that terrible more just mediocre, and it’s hard to react to something like that, you tend to get quite jaded towards new things.

Take Goddass (is that a spelling mistake?) for example. The PR states they are a “metal-melodycore-mob”. That is the first sign of trouble. Next comes the token acoustic intro, then the sterile production and stock melodic metal riffs. And then the vocals. The generic throaty screaming coupled with melodic refrains. Superbly standard.

I ain’t a dick I just hate Atreyu. And this reminds me so much of that band. So much. Which is never a good thing.

Listen: www.myspace.com/goddass