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Falling from the most musical city on Earth and with a beefy reputation, goFASTER >> had a lot to love up to in my eyes; but this ‘critically acclaimed’ 5 track EP is a worthy showcase for the Liverpool 5 piece.

Taking their cues from the likes of Blur, Wombats and Arctic Monkeys; goFASTER >> will slot nicely into most credible indie collections. Painting huge scapes of totally pleasant and immeasurably radio friendly ‘feel good’ pop in an entirely unapologetic way is something pretty rare. Admittedly, no boundaries are pushed per sae, but actually; who cares? Combining punchy new wave indie with some genuinely impressive lyric writing; goFASTER >> seems on to a winner.

Yeah, pretty damn good.

Listen: www.myspace.com/gofasterband