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Fibbers, York 12-03-09

Goldie Lookin Chain

Due to a combination of my own ineptitude, some fajitas and a guestlist mix up (sorted very quickly I hasten to add!

) I managed to arrive at Fibbers JUST in time to catch the last song by support act Trip, which was a shame as he actually sounded pretty good. A combination of indie rock riffing and London rapping with much more than just a hint of Shaun Ryder swagger seemed to get the rather lubricated and mostly student crowd swaying quite nicely. His rhymes were pretty tight, and the live guitars complimented the vocals rather well, from what I heard.

After an infuriatingly elongated delay between bands (how long can it take to turn on a few mics?) which I suppose was pandering to the crowd, GLC took the stage to the intro to “Half Man Half Machine”. Right from the very first rhymes it was clear that the Welsh stoners weren’t going to disappoint. The eight members filled the stage, constantly moving around, and engaging in some rather stylish dance moves. They played a good mix of tracks, with a fair few being from Greatest Hits, a compilation of tracks from earlier self released EPs and CDRs and a smattering from more recent albums too.

The important thing to remember about The Chain is that whilst they may take this piss out of, well, everything, they are actually REALLY GOOD MCs. Otherwise it would be just a really bad – and probably one song wonder - joke. But these Welsh boys know their hip hop, their production is spot on and - as the kids might say - their flow is tight. If you get the chance check them out, it’s well worth it!

Listen: www.myspace.com/goldielookinchain