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Manchester Moho - Tuesday 10th March 2009

Goldie Lookin Chain

Moho is far from my favourite venue to see bands in Manchester so GLC have a lot to do to get me out of the bad mood I am in after queuing outside in the rain and standing through a support band that succeeded in both boring and irritating me.

It still baffles me that Goldie Lookin Chain are so popular amongst so many different people. Surely they are a just bunch of noisy Welsh blokes in caps with no backing band spouting off a few adolescent phrases that in most cases just about rhyme? I’m not saying that this isn’t fun or funny in certain doses and the crowd respond as enthusiastically as they can within the confines of the limited space that Moho provides for movement.

They played a few old favourites, “Guns Don’t Kill People” getting probably the best response of the night being the one that I suppose made them ‘famous’ however despite the band’s exclamations of loving Manchester and it being the best gig in ages, there just seems something lacking in energy from the crowd. There’s a lot of cheering and ‘singing’ along particularly at the end with “You’re Mothers Got a Penis” which apparently wasn’t planned but instead requested but up until that point it was a fairly subdued affair compared with what I’ve seen from GLC crowds in the past. I couldn’t help but feel the set could have included more of the better known songs to keep the mood up in the place when they weren’t talking. The witty banter between songs was mostly about a specific area of the male body which seemed to keep the crowd entertained but mostly, by the end of the gig I couldn’t really justify the sweat dripping down my back which came mainly from dodgy heating in the club than energetic dancing/singing along.

Listen: www.myspace.com/goldielookinchain