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Goodbye Good

Goodbye Good

Looking for energetic, happy stompers of songs to uplift you montage style?

Nope, not here! Cheerfully embracing the sad times, Goodbye Good’s debut doesn’t contain any of the aforementioned mood tunes, but then the clue is in their name. What they do offer however, is plentiful indie-balladry and acoustic power-pop anthems.

Opening with key chimes and acoustic guitar, the Barnsley trio’s album begins with college rock not unlike a tinnier, Death Cab for Cutie. Then all subtle approaches are dismissed when the singing takes the strong conviction route most famed by emo bands, in Lifesize Cardboard Cutouts, only on this tune the fist clenching is replaced by what seems like the tinkerings from a toy keyboard.

Softly does it with Insider, as the vocals and keys flow together, before the drive-time of Part-Time and the melancholy sets in for weepy numbers, 1207 and Survived. Ending as they began, Black n’ White’s reflective tones shows Goodbye Good closing with a big vox think-piece, but is it enough?

Listen: www.myspace.com/goodbyegood