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Second Album


First impressions of this are that it’s 2002 all over again, and bands like Norma Jean, Drowningman and the Dillinger Escape Plan are all at their peak.

Grace Will Fall blend hardcore and metal (metalcore?) in a similar way to the aforementioned bands, with chugging riffs and thundering drumbeats coupled with Iron Maiden inspired widdling and the occasional Dillingeresque weird time signature. There are hints of Tragedy and His Hero is Gone in the slower, more deliberate moments, particularly in the melodic guitar lines but also in the guttural vocals.

There’s nothing especially new or spectacularly different here, but Grace Will Fall put enough of their own spin on an otherwise fairly staid genre to make it just about worth seeking out if you’re a fan. Some of the different moments don’t quite work (the rockabilly / spoken parts on Bittersweet are particularly jarring) but on balance there’s more to praise than to condemn.

Listen: www.myspace.com/gracewillfall